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At the beginning of 2014. Benefit by the decision to make a change and view the conduct of the judiciary in all its aspects, after I discovered quite a few injustices, mistreatment and lack of compassion, to say the least especially for the weak and the disadvantaged in society.

No one is turned to the "rubber stamp" When the seal, ie the judge determines the outcome of a human being and those around him, experiencing human suffering as a result of a decision of the judge blindly. Pilot. And navigating the legal system and creates a miscarriage of justice to end portfolio and retire to his home.

The establishment of the website is a private initiative that wants to make a significant change in our society has become cruel to the individual and unfortunately forgotten the basic human level towards the weak.

The legal process became abusive and milestone evil and cruelty.

The site will serve as mouthpiece for those whose voices are silenced, we will try to make a change and denounce who brutalize and commended the benefactors who are in fearlessly representatives B"gildh "or B"brnz'h" or the like.

We are determined to assist anyone who felt hurt the system, examine any issue in depth and help through a variety of tools at our disposal.

We pledge to be conducted without fear of justice system representatives of Israel such as lawyers, judges, official execution and hold various senior positions who do not hesitate to hide behind the law books and harm innocent civilians.

Built a common struggle better, more equitable and just society !!

Izhak Sabag - Webmaster

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